Robin Griffiths – $450 Silver, $12000 Gold

Robin Griffiths See’s Silver going to $450 and Gold to $12,000
(May 12th, 2011)

  • Robin see’s $50 silver a sure thing but see’s consolidation for about 2 months
  • Robin see’s a 10 bagger in silver from the current prices!
  • He notes, ‘If you adjust the old all-time high for inflation…that gives you $450 for silver’
  • For gold he see’s the run up continuing till 2015, $3000 minimum, $5,000 likely and $12,000 possible. (Sounds a lot like Martin Armstrong’s number and timeframe)
  • The highest numbers are definitely possible if Bernanke keeps on his current path
  • We’re moving away from a US dollar reserve to mixes of renmenbi, rupees, likely weighted by gold

See full article from kingworldnews here.

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