My Latest on Minera Andes (MAI) numbers

The latest numbers are out for Minera Andes and they seem impressive, the current silver prices are definitely helping them big time. If you look at the 4th Quarter net income of $18.8 million and took this run rate into next year they ‘could’ easily be looking $75-80 million over the next 4 quarters.
Also note this statement, “The average gross sale price per ounce of silver and gold was $23.36 and $1,281″, the number I quoted isn’t even at the current silver prices. Granted the silver costs have increased but no where near what the increase in silver has been lately.

Overall some great numbers.

See release here.
Disclaimer: I hold MAI but am not an advisor and all information is for informational purposes only and is purely speculation on my part. Do your own due diligence!

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