Minera Andes article in The Northern Miner

Minera Andes written up in The Northern Miner
(March 27-Apr 3rd issue, starts on page #13. In Canada, Great Canadian News carries it if you don’t have a subscription)

The current issue of The Northern Miner has a focus on Argentina this week and is well worth picking up if you have access to a copy. Like they usually do when they have a feature, there is a pull out map of the entire mining area in Argentina, nice reference map. The article also has some nice photo’s of the San Jose mine area.

It gives all the background from the recent press releases and talks about the 44% increase in strike length year over year, but also has a quote from Rob where he notes that the new veins seem to be in swarms rather than 2 main veins. He goes on to say that the structures run east and west much like Andean Resources found at Cerro. He also notes that he will continue to frequently compare their property to Cerro due to the similar structure and the fact Minera’s property is 110,000 sq/km vs Cerro’s 65,000 sp/km property.

Rob was asked if he would consider increasing his stake in Minera? He said if the occasion arose and we needed money but with cash flow from San Jose and $31 million in cash, he didn’t see that happening anytime soon. Rob also mentioned that when he first got into Minera Andes in 2006 there was a drill hole near Cerro that measured 0.12 oz of gold and 18 oz of silver over 35 meters and that they are only now getting back to it, given the Hochschild disagreement.

The article goes on to discuss the Los Azules property giving some background and the infill drilling being done in hopes of expanding the high-grade zone. When asked about copper prices he simply states copper is the backbone of the industrial world. (I guess this is a polite way of saying no comment)

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