Is Europe Setting Up Stealth Capital Controls

It would appear, according to the attached translated article, that Europe is attempting to plan for the case where one or several banks collapse in Europe. They are setting the expectation that in a banking collapse situation you will only be able to withdraw 100 – 200 Euro. They are also setting up the expectation that there could be anywhere from a 3-4 week delay in access to funds. This includes access to those with less than 100,000 Euro’s also. Implying that just because you have a small amount of money in a bank, you “may” be insured but good luck accessing those funds.

This would appear, like the case in Greece, to have a more significant impact on corporate accounts where making pay roll when one only can access 100-200 Euro/day would be a recipe for disaster. So not only will you not be able to access significant funds but there may not even be a pay check either.

See article here.

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