Rob McEwen Interview

Rob McEwen Interview Highlights
(May 27th, 2011)

  • not surprised gold is only 1% of gold portfolio’s
  • with negative real rates gold is much more attractive
  • when percentage of gold in portfolio’s goes to 3-4% then gold will go much higher.
  • when gold goes thru $2000 we’ll see a surge, and again $2700-3000 then it will launch like a rocket.
  • Minera Andes (MAI, MNEAF) cash flow will double next year when Hothschild debt is retired.
  • doesn’t see Minera Andes or US gold (UXG) going back to the markets in the short term.
  • major producers benefiting from these high prices.
  • majors need to deploy capital, best option would be dividend but their investment bankers want them to buy instead.
  • seniors would benefit from increased dividends
  • juniors will be best growth for your dollar but riskier

See full interview here.

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