Rob McEwen – Some Great Interview from Germany

Rob McEwen Interview from Germany (in English)

Some excellent questions were asked in this interview. The questions were presented on screen in German but you can get the gist of what was asked by Rob’s answers. His perspectives on Europe, bailouts, energy, gold, silver, gold confiscation, real estate. This is the best McEwen interview I’ve seen in some time.

Highlights of Video Clip below

  • Believes silver simply ran to fast to $50 range.
  • See’s a double to a triple in silver
  • believes precious metal stocks didn’t move up due to disillusion that metal prices would stay high
  • Believes Lexam VG Gold has some ‘very nice hits’ and hopes to go along and find what was left behind by others
  • gold mines didn’t stop mining when gold confiscated
  • says gold is money because so many central banks hold it, why would they hold it if it didn’t have significant gold
  • wonders if China might ask US for it’s gold in exchange for the US debt it holds…
  • Rob is interested in a per/share value movement, notes would only buy another company if your per/share price will increase
  • look for flexibility of thinking in a company, look for opportunities that other miss because of this
  • Was recently in Spain, was surprised by heavy development of building in Spain
  • the crash of 2008 was all about taking on too much risk

(23 minutes, uploaded May 24th, 2011)

Secondary Rob McEwen Interview on economic events and investing.

The following is a google translation of a German interview of Rob McEwen. Original German article link below.

Policy of the money was ineffective, “Interview with Rob McEwen, Goldcorp founder
Business, Economy, Finance, Banking & Insurance
Press release from: Frankfurter Finance Newsletter
PR Agency:
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The gold-mining icon Rob McEwen predicts the day of truth for highly indebted countries and currency areas is now in sight, having been spent by central banks and governments unusually high amounts of money to stimulate the economy, with disappointing results.

Video interview with explained Rob McEwen, the world acclaimed icon of the gold-mining, why the future price of gold has such a stable upward trend. The strategic investor in the company U.S. Gold (US9120232072), Minera Andes (CA6029101012) and Lexam VG Gold (CA52886U1030) explained on the Frankfurt stock exchange, why he believes the gold price will triple within a few years time:

* The policy of easy money comes in many ineffective, although unusually large amounts of central banks and governments have been spent;
* There is a continued strong upward trend exists in the prices of gold and silver due to the extreme monetary expansion;
* Most Western politicians act wohlmeindend while, but how dictators;
* Federal Bank and Federal Reserve to hold gold because it represents for them a lasting value;
Click here to find out more!

* The consolidation seen in the silver price is an opportunity to buy.

The founder of Goldcorp speaks in the video interview, also on raw materials, energy, currencies and mining shares. He also explains what makes a good investor or businessman: When investing respects Rob McEwen on companies with a vision, follow the employees and the management commitment, innovation and curiosity are available!

The following other recent interviews from on Youtube available: Avalon Rare Metals (budding producer of rare earths), (set with lithium to rising energy prices and an electric-car boom) Rock Tech lithium, Sniper Resources (Success Story of the founder in Nevada) and Bravo Gold (with growing precious resource to lower purchase prices)

This press release was published on openPR.
c / o Jürgen Felger
Windeckstr. 23
60314 Frankfurt

On investors can in light of the loose monetary policy of central banks in the world to gather information for the protection and safeguarding your assets. Almost since the founding of the investors since January 2001 interview, at the moment, for the most part on various commodity equities. Some of the discussed small stocks are traded on the open market and are subject due to lower transparency requirements a possible high risk. Accordingly, readers are qualified investors. The world’s most successful investors and business leaders from international companies spend billions exclusive interviews. The editor Jürgen Felger is an economist and spoke at length with about 100 CEOs also by well-known energy and resource companies: for example, U.S. Gold, K + S, Solar World, Klöckner & Co AG, Newmont Mining, Kinross Gold, etc.

See original German article here.

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